Amoghsmart Solar Street Light

Amogh, is a smart Solar Street Light integrated boost LED light drive and MPPT charge controller is designed for high efficiency and battery protection; ensuring robust and reliable operation.


Maximum Power Point Tracking is a method to track panel voltage and current to extract the max power. It changes due to solar irradiation during the course of the day.

Battery Charging

Where appropriate it employs 4-stage charging for longer battery life.

Configurable charge profile for for  various battery chemistries like Li-Ion, LiFePO4, Lead Acid, SMF, VRLA etc.,

  • Battery Reverse connection
  • Battery Low Voltage disconnect
  • Panel Reverse protection
  • LED reverse protection
  • LED Open circuit protection
Dusk to Dawn

Light automatically turns on at night and turns off during day time and charges the battery


Predefined duration and brightness set at factory per your needs gives just right light when you need.

  • Time
  • Motion Sensor
  • Wireless Command
Energy Meter

Calculates energy generated during the day and consumed during the night. This information could be used to control the energy utilized to provide light all night when battery is insufficiently charged.


Provides host of wireless connectivity options. BT, BLE, WiFi, LoRa, WiSun, other < 1 GHz mesh protocols

Raw Materials
  • Independent arm & IP 65 Luminaire
  • Powder coated MS battery enclosure
  • 16 gauge CR-MS powder coated pole


Parameter Specification
Diameter 76 mm
Height 96 mm
Weight <500 g
IP Rating IP 65
Parameter Specification
Operation Voltage 85V to 300V
Power < 4W
Surge Protection 10KV
Power consumption < 2.5W
Sensor  Number  Type
Light Sensor 1 Analog
PIR Sensor Up to 4 Discrete
Humidity 1 Digital
Temperature 1 Digital
LLCU implements a Class 1 meter.
Parameter  Units
Supply Voltage V
Supply Current A
Power Factor %
Frequency Hz
Active W
Reactive VAR
Active Wh
Reactive VARh
Parameter  Specification
Physical Layer LoRa (SemTech)
Tx Power Up to +27dBm
Rx sensitivity -135 dBm
Range Up to 15km*
Class Class C
*depends on various factors including location and surroundings.
Voltage Current
Energy Power Factor
Lux Level Lamp Burn time
Controller Burn time Lamp On/Off cycles
Lamp failure Mains failure
Under Voltage Over Voltage
Over current Under current
Low PF Reporting time

MeghDoot Web Application

Amogh works seamlessly with “MeghDoot” Web App built for street lights. MeghDoot brings data visualization and analytics and develop insights into usage, savings and failure.

MeghDoot Web App provides:

  • Installation and commissioning App
  • Asset Tagging
  • Lighting Schedule Interface
  • Failure reports and notifications
  • Email and SMS alerts
  • Light Grouping
  • Search and Filtering options
  • Dashboard with data visualizations

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